Famed Singer Asha Vaishnav Announces Her Highly-awaited Song on Ram Temple.


Known for her excellent voice,  Asha Vaishnav has a track for patriotism and religion in their truest sense.  She is the voice behind an array of soothing bhajans that still echo in every household. Ms. Asha Vaishnav has been working in the field of music for the last twenty-two years. Her career spans the gamut from singing in Gujarati to Rajasthani, Marathi and Punjabi styles songs, as well.
Asha Vaishnav is more than excited to announce a new song titled “Shish Jukayenge Shri Ram Ke Charano Mein ” which in itself sings the glory of Lord Ram. What’s more, the lyrics of this latest song revolves around the highly-cherished dream of Ram temple in Ayodhya which has come true. No doubt, the soon-to-be-launched song is no less than a fitting tribute to the ever awaited dreams of millions of Ram bhakta who always hoped to adore Ram Temple on the pious land of Ayodhya.
“ I always try my level best to deviate today’s from too much of western culture and direct them towards our own rich culture while similarly making them value  their family, relationships, the value of society, as well as respecting our  cultural heritage and carry it forward with immense pride. Because if religion survives, the country will survive and if the country survives, we will survive,” she added.
With the help of her god-gifted voice, she has passionately sung for the youth of the country as she believes in spreading inspiring messages through her songs. According to her, instilling good values in today’s youth is of utmost importance and that’s why as a professional singer she readily believes in contributing to the society by encouraging the youth through her musical magic.