Gear up For a Musical Might ‘Homage-2022’- An Exclusive Jungalbandi Event Resonating with Love, Peace and Togetherness



In a one of a kind musical might, a Jugalbandi event featuring spectacular vocals, harmoniums and drums by talented maestros will take place on 16&17th July from 7PM to 10 PM at Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Auditorium, Dept. of Mathematics in Gujarat University Campus, Ahmedabad.

This Jugalbandi, titled, ‘Homage 2022’ will be organized by Samraga which will connect every soul with the musical saga while bringing positivity, peace and all the more aural delight for the listeners. Enjoyed by age-old centuries, the classical Jugalbandi has special affinity in every music lover’s heart. This Event is sponsored by Gujarat Tourism.

Mr. Hiren Chate said, “Music is the binding force of the entire universe and every soul needs it. By staging Jugalbandi, we aspire to support the musical talents and also spread the message of universal fraternity. No doubt, this ‘jugalbandi ‘ will not only connect different forms of arts with various instruments but also will reverberate the sole language of love and togetherness.”

Kirtan Gharekhan, Dhruv Patel and Dhiren Borole will echo the musical event with their dazzling drum performance; Joby Joy and Jajwalya Shulka with Tabla while Rajan Trived, Siddesh Bicholkar and Aakash Joshi will accompany them with their melodious harmonium duets. Along with them, Monika Shah is all set to perform with her soothing sets of vocals which is touted to make this entire Jugalbandi more gripping. What’s more, a solo tabla performer named Hiren Chate will hypnotize the audience with magical fingers. Saylee talwalkar vocalist on 17th July and Siddesh Bicholkar on both days will be a great for the listeners of Ahmedabad

All of these artists are excited to embark on the journey of a classical Indian jugalbandi programme with utmost zeal.