Havmor Outlets in India get a fun twist with Snapchat’s Custom Landmarker Lens; marks global launch of new Lens Studio creative tool!



Mumbai, India – March 17th, 2022: Snapchat has today announced the global launch of Custom Landmarkers in Lens Studio. Custom Landmarkers offer creators the opportunity to anchor Lenses to local places they care about and tell richer stories about their communities through AR. Snapchat marked this launch in India with the introduction of its first ever Custom Indian Landmarker Lens created for Havmor, an ice-cream brand popular across majority Indian households.

As a platform, Snap is dedicated to building technology that feels natural to use and seamlessly weaves into daily life. Towards this vision, Snap is continually advancing the AR platform to empower its 250,000 strong Lens Creator community and encourage creativity that can also positively impact the world we share.

Custom Landmarkers is a new capability available publicly in Lens Studio which lets AR creators transform local landmarks – from statues to storefronts – into AR attractions. Landmarks are more than just larger-than-life or iconic structures – they are places of varying shapes and sizes that could have meaning just for you, a group of friends, or a wider community. AR creators have the opportunity to choose the location where their Custom Landmarker Lens can be activated which offers them the chance to experiment with building hyper-local, location-based AR experiences that are contextual and relevant to communities.

One such standout example would be that of The Havmor Paradise Custom Landmarker Lens. This is conceptualized and created by one of Snap Lens Network’s promising woman lens creator, Pradeepa Anandhi along with Snap official lens creator Bharat Nagarajan. It is Snapchat’s first ever Custom Landmarker Lens in India and introduces an interactive dancing cow, a Havmor ice-cream virtual banner on the outlet as it snows in the background and larger than life ice-cream cones. To experience the feature, users have to simply scan the Snap code near the outlet and watch the outlet come to life.

Pradeepa Anandhi, Snap AR Ambassador and Lens Creator, said, “It has been an exciting experience to create the Havmor Paradise Custom Landmarker Lens. We built this Ice-cream paradise lens on top of Snapchat’s custom Landmarker technology. This lens completely transforms the outlet into an ice cream fairyland. A few months ago, Bharat and I started experimenting with Lens Studios’s billiant Custom Landmarker Lens feature and were amazed by the stability and robustness both in terms of mapping and relocalization capabilities. This technology unlocked tons of possibilities and our Havmor Paradise Lens is one of them.”

Augmented Reality continues to revolutionize how people communicate, are entertained, learn and experience the world. More than 200 million Snapchatters engage with AR every day on average and Snapchat is focused on taking its AR tools to a much bigger scale by innovating and creating unique moments and experiences such as the new Custom Landmarkers.