Celebrate Women’s Day 2022 by Making Women Health the First Priority



Rotary Club of Delhi South (RCDS) with a mission to assist women to be in a position of power to make informed decisions about their health is organizing a series of holistic health camps on international women’s day, this year.

National,March : Every women should be empowered to pursue her dreams irrespective of age, color, caste, or socio-economic background. In order to achieve her goals, a woman has to look after her health first. Only with a healthy body and mind, can she achieve success. Sadly, the health and well-being of this 50% population, who carry considerable influence and impact when it comes to the wellbeing of their families, communities, and the economy, is of particular concern because they are disadvantaged by discrimination deeply rooted in sociocultural factors in many economies.

With this thought in mind, The Rotary Club of Delhi South has taken the mission, to lead the way for better health and well-being for women, while rallying the world to join them to take bold, appropriate and long overdue steps to create better health and equal opportunities for women.

On March 5th & 6th RCDs is organizing a 2-day holistic health camp for students at the Shrimad Dayanand Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya which is a home for 700+ students and teachers who are from different ethnicities. This health camp organized over a 2-day period will include a wide range of tests:

· Breast, Cervical & Oral Cancer.

· Mammography as recommended by the doctor

· Blood Test for Anaemia and Diabetes

· Eye Check-up

· Prescription wear glasses to those who need them.

Apart from these tests, there will be awareness and knowledge sessions by leading doctors on diverse health topics such as cancer including self-exam for breast cancer, general health, eye care, and kidney care. To encourage academic excellence, RCDS will also award 50 scholarships to deserving female students at Gurukul worth which will be paid every month. These will be provided to those who are from underprivileged homes and have secured more than 75% Marks. On time award for excellence in sports and special rewards for the winners of poster-making competitions will also be given at the ceremony.

Anil K Agarwal President RCDS says, “Opportunities to improve women’s health are staggering and is calling on world leaders, change-makers, and society as a whole to take notice of the situation and act quickly to improve women’s health everywhere. We need to be aware and act to break down the bias that prevails. The series holistic health camps on International women’s day is another step towards RCDS goal of women empowerment by contributing to extending the life expectancy of women and improving their quality of life. We believe that, with purpose, passion, and a promise to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day, we’ll not only help nearly half the planet, but all of it. We promises is to bring better care and treatment to women in our community.”

#breakthebias is the theme IWD2022 campaign that encourages all to work towards a gender-equal world- a world that is free of the bias, discrimination, and stereotypes that are faced by women regularly. Speaking on their #breakthebias, The main aim of RCDS with these camps is to address the gender bias against women that persists in our society and to assist women to be in a position of power to make informed decisions about their health. With the holistic health camps, projects like ‘Beti ko Siksha aur Samman’, Gift of life supporting CHD surgeries of children from underprivileged homes, where close to 50% beneficiaries are girls, literacy project in slums with equal gender dispersion, breast cancer awareness to treatment project, geriatrics training and more such projects, RCDS believes that by focusing on women’s health, education and employment, we can not only improve women’s lives, we can also realize social and economic progress globally.

What drives this campaign is the passion, purpose, and promise to enable healthier lives everywhere and every day. RCDS also encourages other leaders, corporate and individual to be their partners in health, wellbeing, education, employment and safety of women.

Concluding, the 2-day awareness camp is all about focusing on women’s health and empowering them to take bigger challenges in their lives by overlooking and overcoming the issues that are still prevailing in our society. This camp will be succeeded with another Holistic health check camp on March 8th organising holistic health camp in association with Pragya, officer wives’ association in Delhi.