upGrad learner crosses the annual salary threshold of INR 1 crore

બિઝનેસ સમાચાર


~ Hailing from Vadodara, Gunjan Trivedi showcased unwavering grit and determination to unlearn, and re-learn new skills to realise his ambitions while pursuing a job in parallel,overcame career hardships and achieved professional glory after completing an online Executive program with upGrad’s university partner IIIT Bangalore~

~ Makes his way to become one of the highest salary drawing learners from upGrad ~

Mumbai, February 20th, 2022:Given today’s challenging times and dynamic job market expectations, the need for LifeLongLearning has become more important today than ever before. Just a degree is not sufficient today to land a job and accelerate the career graph at the desired pace. Despite being the brightest student, you cannot achieve the desired career growth if you are not privy to outcome-oriented education that involves in-depth subject knowledge, and right hands-on industry skills which is what really makes one future ready. Now more than ever, it is critical to constantly unlearn, and re-learn to keep redundancy at bay. The concept of learning, unlike before, does not stop at a college degree. It’s a continuous Lifelong process.

One real-life example is of upGrad learner, Gunjan Trivedi who hails from a humble family in Vadodara (Gujarat). His constant quest for knowledge and upskilling led him on the path of professional glory when he decided to upskill and learn on a constant basis. Untethered by hardships and rejections, Gunjan overcame all the obstacles that came his way in achieving his professional goals while also pursuing a job in parallel. He completed an online Executive program in Data Science & Business Analytics in 2021 with upGrad’s university partner IIIT Bangalore and achieved a significant career jump. Subsequently, he led Singapore-based Big Data Company Whiteklay as their Chief Operations Officer (COO) and is currently drawing a CTC to the tune of around INR 1 Cr.

However, Gunjan achieved this feat through his agile, empathetic, and decisive approach to learning. Hailing from a humble background, Gunjan has been continuously upskilling himself and therefore, has been able to play multiple roles across Product Management, Category Management, Store Operations, Regional & National Business Operations, IT in Retail and E-Commerce domains, for some of the largest conglomerates of the world. Gunjan’s expertise arose from scaling career learnings across various functions and creating value for businesses and overhauling distressed businesses. He made this possible by continuously learning and applying his newly acquired skills across roles to solve real-life business challenges. However, accompanied by his hard skills, Gunjan’s ability to apply his soft skills like Intrapreneurial spirit, risk-taking ability, leadership skills, and strategic planning abilities, further catapulted his career.

Sharing his professional experience, Gunjan Trivedi commented, “I faced my own set of challenges during each phase of my career due to the diversity of it. Few such instances that changed the path of my life was when my US visa got rejected, and later I could not convert my IIMB call after clearing CAT. One of the most important things that I have learnt through my failures and my experiences is that despite giving 100 percent if you do not achieve what you have set out for, it is an indication of something better in store for you. Another secret mantra is to never stop learning as it is the only way that you can fast-forward your career. These are the few tips that I share with my fellow students while teaching or mentoring them.”

The significance of LifeLongLearning and upskilling is also highlighted in the India Skills Report 2022. As per the report, there are close to 15 million people aged 15–29 expected to enter India’s working population annually for the next decade. Considering that the government skill gap predicts 109+ million skilled workers required to fill vacant positions in 2022, the importance of skilling initiatives nationwide cannot be ignored.

“The robust program structure at upGrad with graded assignments, masterclasses, or live sessions by industry leaders aware of the evolving market needs has helped my learning immensely. Furthermore, the flexibility of learning at my own pace has inspired me to chart out an ambitious growth journey for myself,” concluded Gunjan.