Divulging Façade. – Janushree Raichura.

કલા સાહિત્ય ગુજરાત ધાર્મિક બિઝનેસ ભારત સમાચાર

As I laid with my head on the pillow, Staring at the fiery sun, and the beautiful willow, With mugged up thoughts crammed inside my mind, And Lucifer whispering at my side, One after the other, fell my dreams like petals from a flower, And the tears escaped the cage of my lashes, making my sweet mouth sour. Self-told words had now proven to be lies, And the fake façade had come with a price. No longer could I make believe, No longer could I just live. Bounds were unbreakable, But my imagination had turned out to be killable. And as it took its dying breath, It planted one last seed in my head, Told me it wasn’t the boundaries, The true Devil was the lies. It wasn’t bound by any line, Imagination wasn’t made to falsify. I rose and fell, Over the chime of bell. I had trouble standing, But was it the costume I wore that led to my crash-landing? Soon, the Angel reappeared at my shoulder, And I felt a little less colder. The realization hit, and the illusion dissembled, The mask dropped, And I saw my face, Just as pretty, but no longer hidden by a veil.