Experiences of Bloggers &Influencers of visiting Kutch



Kutch district of Gujarat is a land of art, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, nature and vibrant festivals. Hearing the word ‘Kutch’, a beautiful scene of a white dessert shining in the pale moonlight is flashed in one’s mind. Today, the white dessert of Kutch has become the main attraction of tourism and the ‘Rann Utsav’ organized here every year has become famous in the world. The then Chief Minister of Gujarat and our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi saw a huge opportunity for the development of tourism sector in the white desert of Kutch and he started ‘Ranotsav’ to attract tourists in large numbers from across the world. For the people of Kutch, Ranotsav became an ocean of various opportunities. At the same time Ranotsav also became an important medium to highlight the culture of the villages of Kutch. Today, Kutch has become an excellent example of sustainable and rural tourism through Rann Utsav.

After the Bloggers and Influencers Meet was held on December 01, 2021 at Gandhinagar, these bloggers visited Kutch and thoroughly enjoyed the tourism there. Let us know their experiences of Kutch Tourism.

Blogger 1-

Kutch is a wonderful tourist destination highlighting the culture and life of the villagers of Gujarat. Especially, the Rann Utsav organized here in the white Dessert is worth a visit. Your mind will be filled with joy by watching the beauty of a sheet of white salt. The colorful local costumes of the people of Kutch are very beautiful. Various artists live in Kutch and their art is mesmerizing. The items of handicrafts made by them are wonderful. A wide variety of artifacts are found here. Also, you can enjoy the folk music and folk dances of Kutch. This is an excellent tourist destination that every tourist must visit.

Blogger 2-

The Ranotsav of Kutch has become a global event today, and you will know why only when you visit it. The Ranotsav has become a strong and sustainable model of development for the locals here. If you want to enjoy the art, culture, tradition and hospitality of Kutch, you must come here. The fun of living in Tent City cannot be described in words. All protocols are followed here in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. A variety of handicrafts, wooden artifacts, leather work, toys etc. are sold here. It can be seen that Ranotsav provides many employment opportunities for the locals. The taste of local dishes is also memorable. The roads to Tent City and the White Desert are also wide and clear. In addition, water supply, solar lights, public toilets as well as bank and ATM facilities are also available here. The beauty of the desert has not been tampered with for the development of various facilities here. Thus, the beauty of the desert has remained intact. The Ranotsav of Kutch is an excellent example of sustainable tourism.