Asian African Chamber Opened Doors to Trade & Investment Opportunities in Post COVID Era





Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI), in association with its Marketing & Organizing Partner- Unified Brainz Virtuoso Limited, Evaluation Partner- CIAC Global and Affiliate Marketing Partner- Future Billionaire Network International (FBNI), organized its first virtual event, Asian African Business Summit 2021 on 22nd & 23rd October. The summit was conceptualized on trade opportunities in Asia & African regions in the post COVID era; an attempt to revitalize the dying business with the help of the top Thought Leaders from different walks of life that amalgamated the most brilliant talents among the Asian and African nations. At the same time, this served the purpose of empowering the leaders of tomorrow by felicitating and recognizing the best business practices and creating a growth-oriented network.

Global economy passed through a very tough time last whole year when businesses suffered the most, human lives were lost, active jobs got disappeared, but most importantly, the pace of global growth was stalled. Asian African Business Summit was conceptualized to explore the possibilities of bringing the global trade & business back on track again; to find ways to boost the economy and revitalizing the consumer confidence which had shaken badly.

The summit was inaugurated with the welcome note from the Founder & President of AACCI- Dr. GD Singh who encouraged the global business community to adopt innovation to fight against the slowdown caused by the COVID pandemic. It was marked with the presence of Hon’ble diplomats & trade councillors from various Asian & African countries who shared the economic conditions and trade & investment opportunities in their countries with the audience. H.E Mr. Gabriel Sinimbo – The High Commissioner of Embassy of Republic of Namibia in New Delhi; HRH Queen Ameenata Ambassador- FIGHR/Global Tycoon/ Human Rights Consultant/Agri~Business/Inport&Export, H.E. Mrs. Judith K.K. Kan’goma Kapijimpanga- High Commissioner of Embassy of Republic of Zambia, H. E. Mr. Godfrey Majoni Chipare- Ambassador- Embassy of Zimbabwe New Delhi, H.E. Mr. George Mkondiwa High Commissioner-Embassy of Malawi and H. E Mrs. Joséphine Patricia Natyam- Ehya, Ambassador (Chargé d’ Affaires), Embassy of Gabon New Delhi were some of the diplomats who shared their views with the audience.

There were dynamic business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals from far corners of the world who narrated their success strategy with a message to the world that pandemic never could dampened the spirit of the most dynamic ones. Those who captivated the audience by their scintillating speeches were: Mr. Yogesh Bhatia – Founder & CEO, LML Electric & Detel EV; Mr. Mark Darko – MD (Africa), Evrensel Capital Partners, Ghana; Dr Chiragra Chakrabarty – Founder, Katic Consulting & Director of Bank of Mauritius; Mr. Selloyee Ponoo Swami Moorthee Pillay (Siven) – Founder and Director of Riambel Luxuries Lifestyles Co Ltd, Mauritius; Ms Cheila Gibbs- Founder of Create Generate, UK; Miss Sonal Jindal – Founder & Promoter, Medusa EXIM; HRH Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana – Founder, African Women’s Health Project & Global CEO of Innovative Global Consulting, USA; Mr. Biswajit Mohapatra – Partner & Executive Director at IBM and Mr. Chris Pohl Founder & CEO – Independent Advisory Services.

There were chapter presidents and chair persons from the chamber like Dr. Leye Talpha Babalola – Vice Chairman, Africa Region for AACCI, Dr. Neetu Singh – Secretary General, AACCI and Mrs. Debdatta Nandwani – Proprietor, East India Trade Advisors & President, AACCI – West Bengal Chapter who welcomed and thanked the audience for their continued support and enthusiasm. Those others present were the business leaders who were felicitated for their marvellous achievement and passionate approach towards their goals, AACCI partners & patrons, board advisory & governing council members, the chamber members and other invited guests.

Main objective of AACCI is to boost the global economy and promote the interest of its members’ businesses. It continues to establish an environment where opportunities can be identified & shared, new business ideas can be nurtured, ease to do business becomes a reality and investment process becomes seamless. All this is possible by sharing views, discussing problems, reaching conclusive solutions and supporting the investment. AACCI organizes these flagship events in India and other Asian and African countries through its chapter presence to achieve these ambitious goals. It’s a proud moment for its founders & promoters that in less than 3 years, they have achieved the fastest growth in the whole of African and Asian regions.