Charity Housey Competition Held by Ladies Circle India Leading for Charity




The bumper house competition was organized by Ladies Circle India, the strongest organizer in the world. The charity event was enthusiastically organized at Mann Residency, Nehrunagar, Ahmedabad. This was a charity event but prizes up to Rs 5 lakh were kept. The first bumper prize winner was given diamond jewellery worth Rs 50,000, the second bumper prize was given a Lenovo tablet worth Rs 21,000 while the other prizes were given a bumper prize of Rs 1,000 worth of goodie bags. Any funds raised through these events will be used 100% for charity. Ladies Circle has been at the forefront of this and will continue to do so in the future.

Ladies Circle is a Young Women’s Organization. This includes young members between the ages of 21 and 40. The Ladies Circle has been in operation since 1754. There are 114 circles throughout the country. Members from 57 countries have joined the Ladies Circle. These include homemakers, Businesswomen, Entrepreneurs, technocrats, and members involved in the profession. The Ladies Circle is the strongest in the world, believing the most in charity. The Round Table School is not built by Ladies Circle but they remain functional for disadvantaged children.