Snap launches a first of its kind sports reality show 100% with Shayamal

રમત જગત સમાચાર


Featuring leading sports scientist Shayamal Vallabhjee in his first-ever show


The show premiers every Saturday beginning September 25th exclusively on Snapchat Discover


Link to the trailer:


National, September 22nd, 2021 – Snap Inc. today announced the launch of ‘100% with Shayamal,’- a first of its kind sports reality show featuring the world’s leading sports scientist – Shayamal Vallabhjee.


Known to work with top athletes to help enhance their sporting technique and vigilance, Shayamal in this series will throw insight on how he literally puts ‘science into play while working with professionals from all over the world. Shayamal’s approach to storytelling combines two decades of locker-room learning, anecdotes & strategies to show athletes how champions handle that “Defining Moment”. Premiering on Saturday, 25th September exclusively on Snapchat, the show promises to cultivate excellence in our sporting lives!


In every episode of the show, Shayamal unlocks the potential of a young Badminton player, Pooja Devlekar, and helps her through holistic techniques that facilitate more body awareness and enhances her performance in ways she never imagined possible. That is why Shayamal is known as a Best-in-Class Coach!


As the show progresses, he points out the smallest details that are impossible for the regular human eye to catch and notice. The series showcases the transformation of Pooja, an Olympic hopeful who undergoes this physical and mental training while working alongside Shayamal to develop a better grip on the game.


A new episode will be aired every Saturday exclusively on Snapchat Discover.


Commenting on the launch, Shayamal Vallabhjee, India’s celebrated sports scientist and psychologist said, “It’s a great opportunity to join hands with Snap and share my experience with the future of India that a healthy, sharp mind is crucial in every endeavour. I have worked extensively to bring the world of science and sports together. My show with Snap will capture my journey with a young badminton player as I help her gain a complete sight of her strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the vertical video format has seamlessly captured her movements entirely which are difficult to capture on camera otherwise.”


Amanda Krentzaman, Head of International Originals- Snap, adds on, “We have always believed in the importance of investing in local content and in empowering local production partners’,” said Krentzman “Shayamal is a world-class coach, and we are thrilled to support him and Pooja’s journey as she works with Shayamal to reach her Olympic dreams. Science in sports is on the cutting edge of modern training and this series is a window into Shayamal’s inspirational and thought-provoking techniques. After the success of our first two creator shows, we can’t wait for Snapchatters to tune in for this innovative fitness-based series.”


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