RTI Embarks on Golden Era Tying up with Tata Motors




Round Table India, a non- profit young men’s organisation which works with a long term goal of Freedom Through Education (FTE) today collaborated with India’s leading Tata Motors for a noble cause. RTI plays an active part in building the schools and handing them over to the Government to run them.

Tata Group, which is renowned for extending helping hands to the needy rightly epitomises its social responsibilities values like no other. Having been associated with Tata Motors, Team Synergy is more than privileged thereby carving out a niche for itself in playing the part in supporting the education fraternity.

Under the able leadership of Tr Prashant Kheskani and Dinesh Sitlani, such a historical tie up with Tata Motors in itself marks the staggering endeavour to uplift the society through education infrastructure by RTI.

The fresh collaboration with Tata Motors is aimed at renovating Devadthal Primary School which is in depleted state. The school is located in Sanand district. Such a derelict building is not at all fit for use and therefore RTI, ASRT 328 has taken an initiative to rebuild the structure with an incredible gesture of support by one of the biggest corporate houses of India. ‘‘Our maiden FTE project will become a leading light for the other Tables of RTI.

The team will be building 2 classroom blocks and it will also renovate the existing toilets so that the underprivileged students can have access to well-equipped education infrastructure. The total cost of this work is Rs.10 lac, out of which 1.5 lac will be donated by Tata Motors. The rest of the amount will be fulfilled by the self-raised funds by the ASRT 328 Team.

With utmost pride and enthusiasm and by illustrating a well-known quote, ‘Actions speak larger than Words’ Dinesh Sitlani ,Chairman, RTI added, ‘‘ This tie-up with India’s leading conglomerate exemplifies our steadfast dedication and commitment to help the society. This is not just collaboration but rather an unprecedented accomplishment that is no less than a driving force for us to do more towards the betterment of the society. It’s because of our constant thirst for helping out the needy that has today enabled us to have been associated with Tata Motors and that’s a big feat.’’

Branding a golden day for RTI, Tr Prashant Kheskani said, ‘‘ This landmark tie-up with Tata Motors will further help open doors to many opportunities in finding strong funding partners from the corporate world. It will also enhance trust and credibility in us thereby adding values to our extensive endeavours.’’

The whole RTI team is obliged to the whole team of Tata Motors and not to mention, a veteran industrialist and philanthropist Mr. Ratan Tata who has been spearheading the corporate social responsibilities to an incredible degre and setting a true example of the leader who cares for the society.