India’s most popular range of pressure cookers, TTK Prestige’s innovative Popular Svachh and Popular Plus Svachh offers spillage control lid to take away the hassle of cleaning



Pressure cookers are a boon for many home cooks to create delicious food quickly. But cleaning the froth that spills from the pressure cooker can be a tedious and painstaking job.


Taking this into consideration, TTK Prestige introduced the Popular Svachh and Popular Plus Svachh outer lid pressure cooker. TTK Prestige’s Popular range helps address this issue, by ensuring that there is no froth spillage on the gas stove. This is due to the fact that the innovative deep-lid design prevents starchy water from flowing down the cooker, thus reducing the mess in the kitchen.


TTK Prestige has also prioritized safety of the user, with the introduction of innovative features that helps prevent accidents. The metallic safety plug releases excess steam when pressure rises beyond a safe level. The controlled gasket release system, ensures that when there is excess build-up of pressure within the pressure cooker, the gasket bulges out through the slit present towards the side of the lid. This ensures that the pressure get released safely through the opening on the lid.


Over the last 66 years, TTK Prestige has emerged into the go-to kitchen appliances brand for home-cooks across the country. The brand operates on the pillars of trust, safety and health, which forms the basis of every TTK Prestige product. Right from inception, the brand has addressed the pain points of home-cooks across the country. TTK Prestige has transformed the humble pressure cooker to offer significant benefit to home-cooks around the country both from a safety perspective and reducing the time they spend in the kitchen.

Both the Popular Svachh and the Popular Plus Svachh pressure cookers are made from superior virgin aluminium to ensure enhanced safety. The handles are ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable and easy handling. The Popular Plus Svachh model can be used both on the gas stove and induction cooktop for added convenience.


The Popular Svachh and Popular Plus Svachh comes in six different sizes comprising: 1.5L, 2L, 2L (Tall), 3L, 4L and 5L. This allows you to choose the best size as per your requirements. The MRP for the range starts from INR 1200. Popular Svachh and Popular Plus Svachh are available for purchase at leading dealer outlets, the Xclusive Prestige showrooms and ecommerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart.