*HAPPY BIRTHDAY: AHMEDABAD *??- Dr Hiren Shah. Ahmedabad.

કલા સાહિત્ય ગુજરાત ધાર્મિક બિઝનેસ ભારત સમાચાર

In that 11 years old article, ⬇️⬇️ in a booklet during National Neonatology Conference, I’d ventured to address Ahmedabad as World Heritage City, of course with a guarded tone and a bracket on that word- ‘World’. Today that bracket has vanished and now with this new coveted status our Amdavad stands tall with other World heritage cities like Paris, Rome and Moscow, as been mentioned in it hopefully .. Today let me wish Happy Birthday, to our beloved Ahmedabad. Yes. 26 February is Ahmedabad’s Foundation Day and 610th Birthday.

Sharing along with are some more images..from Times of India’s internationally popular coffee book – ‘Ahmedabad Next‘. Namita and I take immense pleasure & pride to see our ‘Houseum’ finding a coveted space in that archive and ourselves been portrayed as custodians of our rich heritage for the future generations! Of course we, with all humility and determination pledge to play that role positively and contribute our knowledge and wisdom in the fields of medicine as well as art, culture and heritage of this historical city!
Jai-Amdavad.. Jai-Hind
Dr Hiren Shah / Ahmedabad