Motivational talk of Paras Pandhi ” that can change lives of people



Paras Pandhi unique Artist from Gujarat, folk literature and for the first time he is coming with a new impression in public through 3 Hours motivational talk that can change the lives of people.

Born in the Gondal district of Gujarat and lived in Surat for 25 years, Paras Pandhi’s life has been very difficult, he started doing small and big business when he was in 9th standard. Delivering couriers, selling newspapers, running a slipper shop, running a bakery, a job in a call center, a waiter in a hotel at Vapi, and more than 30 such jobs, Paras Pandhi says ‘I had the same joy as I have today’.

Paras Pandhi did a program at the age of 15 which was dearly liked by many people and that boosted his confidence. Today, millions of people are gaining confidence in the return of the same increased self-confidence and there is a power in Paras’s speech that takes people from their goal to their destination.

‘Words that do not change the life of people, such words are inappropriate for me’. Speaking of money, people’s appreciation has increased a lot in the last 3 years in doing more than 500 programs for 15 years. The artists from Gujarat also love and listen to him. If there is something in a man, if it does not reach people, then his life is said to be a failure and he should come out by any means. That is why Paras Pandhi used to tell many good singers to make an album song and tell artists who have no identity but are adaptive. People say that we have not that grown-up yet, just to overcome this mentality, Paras Pandhi made a thanking song.

Paras Pandhi has done the program with Artists from Gujarat like Kirtidan Gadhvi, Osman Mir, Geeta Rabari, Alpa Patel, Yogita Patel, and many other renowned artists from Gujarat. And now he is doing 3 hours motivational program in the interest of the people. Through his videos, anyone can see that his programs are houseful in any auditorium in Gujarat, and in the coming years, he is dreaming of becoming an international speaker by speaking in Hindi and English as well.

Paras Pandhi says ‘I am not talking about any caste, religion or sect, I am talking about humanity, so what I say in the Gujarati language, the same thing I can do in public in America’.