Pujya Morari Bapu starts Ramkatha at Dhanushkodi, Ram-Sethu Rameshwaram


January 02, 2021: Pujya Morari Bapu today started Ramkatha at Dhanushkodi, Ram-Sethu Rameshwaram, a place of religious and mythological importance. Due to Covid-19 situation and complying with the guidelines issued by the administration, limited numbers of people were invited at the venue.
In the beginning of today’s Katha with the theme ‘Manas Ram Sethu’, Bapu while elaborating the second verse under Mangalacharan of ‘Manas’, said that Tulsidasji has given the message of Setubandha. Calling Shankar as universal god, Bapu said that if you want to pray, then do it to Mahadev. Talking about the geographical bridge, Bapu said that NASA has proved that there was a bridge here. Bapu said that in the story of Rameshwar, I have already laid the spiritual foundation of the bridge. This is an opportunity in today’s India. Bapu further said that the use of advanced technology and resources will not take much time in the 21 kilometer bridge. If we make effort in the shadow of the majesty of God, then any work, family, traditional or national, becomes successful. This can be possible if our honorable Prime Minister does Bhumi-Pujan and then we can do Ramkatha there.
While wishing all a very happy new year, Pujya Bapu added that we should also not forget our traditions. Celebrate Ramnavami, Shivaratri, Janmashtami and Navratri also. The Christmas tree must be respected, but the Tulsi plant should not be forgotten.