A Tree Entertainment Production is getting ready to surprise Gujarati’s with its upcoming production


A Tree Entertainment Production house is making a video starring Actress Khushi Shah with famous artists of Gujarat. The video is making under the Production house A Tree Entertainment of Umesh Sharma. The tagline for the video is ‘Andhere se ujale ki aur jana hai, is baar kisi rote huve ko hasana hai’. The video is releasing on Diwali. Chetan Daiya has done the Scripting & direction and Cinematography is done by Gaurang Anand.
The motivational concept behind creating a video is to build unity amongst people to help the needy children who cannot celebrate the festival with the basic amenities. Through this video, they want to make them smile by the smallest deed they can provide. The message they want to share with the audience is that help for the needy children will not be done by any one person but everyone will have to join hands in unity.
Khushi Shah said ‘I do this every year, last year we helped poor children in Mumbai, we support needy children in Ahmedabad this year, and through this video, me and my friends Ronak Kamdar, Maulik Nayak, Mayur Michal, Hemang Shah & Chetan Daiya and everyone in the team try to send a message to our audience that to help needy is not possible from any one person, everyone has to work together. If you share your happiness with others, it will increase your happiness and make you happy’.