#justiceforsushant. Truth must find a way. *Anurita Rathore Jadeja.*


I have been a journalist and met and interviewed plenty of film stars, from the top ones to those from small screen. Nothing felt this bad and nobody’s going felt this sad.

My days lately are about watching so much of news and videos on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput that I began questioning not only myself but even sharing thoughts and feelings with some of those close to heart. Incidentally, a handful of those are equally involved in following this case. And, the more comments I read on various social media platforms, the more convinced I feel about so so many people feeling similarly, seeking justice, sensing something terribly wrong and far from a simple suicide. It almost seems like everyone’s walking parallel, yet together. That so many are affected by one tragedy but that one person was not directly related to those very many.

I saw Shekhar Gupta’s video in The Print (talking about Karan Johar asking/begging for a Screen Film award!) Nepotism is the most used word currently but isn’t it now abundantly proven or visible through news reports and investigations/analysis that attempts are made to sideline anyone who does not succumb to being a ‘chamcha’. If you are talented, you are a threat. People ridicule you, pull you down, rip you apart.

You are ‘upcoming talent’ only if you adhere to the whims of the biggies. You will be resisted and condemned if you speak your mind, if you stand up for your beliefs, if you manage to shine without their help!

Ujjawal Trivedi and Payal Rohatgi’s constant updates on Sushant Singh’s case, Kangana Ranaut, Shekhar Suman, Shekhar Kapur fearlessly talking about justice for Sushant Singh and maintaining it doesn’t seem like suicide, Arnab Goswami totally fighting it out on Republic TV rather than staying mute and scared to offend a big fly and many more news channels and individuals who put out informative posts on this unusual mysterious death tragedy of a man who, the more we see videos of, the more we want to know him, or wish we knew him – these are all hopefully leading to some truth.

This evening, after 45 days, Sushant Singh’s father K K Singh filed an FIR against his son’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. Well, if she is indeed what half a dozen top video channels are saying since the last few hours, she is indeed a wily woman.

In one year of knowing Sushant Singh…

-she swindles several crores of his money.
-spends his money, keeps his credit/debit cards.
-becomes partner along with her brother in some businesses/firms she starts alongwith SSR.
-distances him from most of his friends, staff, and what more, shows his sister staying all along with SSR, the door.
-ensures SSR’s sister has nothing to do with his business but her own brother does.
-Takes him to psychiatrists to ‘treat’ him for depression.
-leaves him just a few days before his ‘suicide’/’abetment to suicide’/’murder’.
-is seen with mad brain Mahesh Bhatt who plays ‘psychiatrist’ for Rhea to SSR.
-hides from police for many days the fact that she co-owns businesses with SSR.
-deletes instagram posts carrying all her pictures with SSR and then suddenly a month after his death, posts mushy pics exactly a couple of hours after SSR’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande posts something heartwarming, not showy.
-suddenly asks Home Minister Amit Shah for a CBI inquiry.
-posts poorly written instagram posts where she needs to keep restricting people from commenting because she is being abused and continuously accused for SSR death mystery.
-she reportedly ensured SSR recommended her name as leading lady in films he was playing hero.

Strangely, most people – from media houses and those independently reporting – are pointing fingers at her.

Her baby face and mushy post cannot overrule what most people think. I somehow could easily tell she isn’t genuine and now it is getting clearer. His family did not acknowledge her but openly acknowledge exgirlfriend Ankita Lokhande even today.

What is interesting is that truth somehow finds a way. Sooner or later it does. Especially if you are good, known as a good human being no matter the number of people who are jealous of you or those that are ill-wishers because their demons cannot put you down or tolerate the good in you.

How systematically Rhea seems to have done it all, until now, and then ironically hashtags her posts #rheality!

Anurita Rathore Jadeja