Utopia school , Sola. Celebrate Big Day Annual Function Revels 2018 at Pandit Din Dayal Auditorium, Bodakdev.

કલા સાહિત્ય ગુજરાત ટેક્નોલોજી બિઝનેસ ભારત સમાચાર

Big Day Annual Function Revels 2018 at Pandit Din Dayal Auditorium, Bodakdev. I request you to kindly go through and do the needful.
Annual day is a tradition that every school follows. It is a function that gives platform to all the students to display their hidden talents. This time Utopia school students have planned to be a little different (Hatke).

Life is seldom fair and has its share of ups and downs but then again, life is what you want to be like, sometimes even the most helpless of situations appear cheerful if you happen to look at it that way. The disable and visually impaired students do have a great inner potential hence we decided to invite Students of Blind People Association vastrapur to show their talent. Dance can improve their movement, coordination, independence and can also help the student increase their orientation and mobility skills. We believe that if these students are involved in co-curriculum activities, it will help them to gain confidence, feeling of achievements, increase mobility skills. Their smile will surely motivate and deeply touch heart of our children and parents.

Todays youth are facing problem with the over changing world around them and the biological changes of their bodies which leads to unhappy state of mind called depression. It is the psychological disorder where person feels uneasy and sad. Depression is a major public health problem in India. Around 65% of youth between the age group of 15-25 show early sign of depression. Hence through dance performance, our school children will showcase the major health issue. And our teacher will discuss about its solution.

Child labour is a child abuse. The major society related problem of child labor. Don’t ask children to take tool instead send them to school. Child labor is one of the social issues in India & needs to be banned in order to save & secure bright future of the country. Our children will perform dance on the theme of child labour and will give message that every child should be nourished & cared and the childhood is the learning & growing period during which they should not be involved in any type of job.

The function will also include the initiative to promote water conservation among people in order to maintain the availability of clean water on the earth. We all should not waste or contaminate useful water in our life and promote water saving and conservation among people.

Utopia school thrives towards making students responsible citizens. It is very important for every individual to be happy especially children, as these joyful children make their family and society happy and peaceful world.

Kindly go through and do the needful.

Thanking you,

Dr. Alpana Arora
Utopia school
Near Fern Hotel, Sola road Ahmedabad
Mo. 9824030989


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